Why the Inland Ocean Coalition and the Waterkeeper Alliance?

The Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative, a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate, operates under the governance and guidance of two organizations, The Inland Ocean Coalition and the Waterkeeper Alliance. Why these two?

The Inland Ocean Coalition is dedicated to the premise that you don’t need to be living in a coastal area to care for and protect our ocean. A great many–if not all–of the actions we need to be taking in support of the seas–such as lowering carbon emissions, reducing trash and pollution, eating sustainable seafood, safeguarding watersheds, promoting Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and protecting charismatic species–can happen from anywhere in the world.

The Waterkeeper Alliance is one of the leading advocacy organizations in the world for water-related issues. Based on a local leadership, grassroots model, there are now more than 300 Waterkeepers around the world working toward swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters. These Waterkeepers provide the leadership, enthusiasm, passion, commitment and, where necessary, the immediate crisis response and litigation necessary to protect rivers, streams, creeks, sounds, bays, glaciers and lakes on six continents.

The Boulder Creek initiative is an example of the connection that aligns these organizations. It provides a platform for a ‘source to sea’ approach that recognizes and celebrates the global water cycle and that links climate, biology and culture in our world today.

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