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Why Partner with the Inland Ocean Coalition?

Your partnership contribution directly funds the Inland Ocean Coalition programs that drive sustainable consumer culture. By participating with us in co-marketing initiatives and donor campaigns, your company benefits by aligning its brand with a socially responsible non-profit organization. Every day, more and more buyers choose brands that engender sustainable business practices, biodegradable product bases, and a healthy lifestyle. The Inland Ocean Coalition reaches these customers in every-day decision making processes and environments – school, dining, shopping, and potentially film and TV.

Inland Ocean Coalition goals include partnering with companies committed to sustainable product lines, launching the highly acclaimed and nationally accredited Ocean Ambassador’s Program, reaching youth through relevant science curriculum throughout public/private school systems, and potentially piloting reality TV/film series. All these non-profit efforts are aimed to raise consumer awareness and change buying habits. Your company and brand could be part of this cultural shift.


How Partnering with Inland Ocean Coalition Benefits Your Corporation

As a non-profit we rely on support from diverse funding sources, including businesses like yours. We understand that the dollars you spend should bring maximum benefits to your organization. Thus, we expend every effort with our corporate partners to ensure that our relationship works to the greatest possible mutual benefit.


Corporate Social Responsibility Increases Brand Visibility and Marketing Opportunities

  • Partnerships with the Inland Ocean Coalition enable mutual benefits of marketing opportunities in the form of enhancing overall brand image, co-branding, endorsements, sponsorships, website visibility, and word of mouth.
  • Featured corporations have the additional value of customized co-branded campaigns flexibly suited to achieve your organization’s marketing objectives.


Corporate Social Responsibility Increases employee Engagement & Productivity*

  • Employees want engagement opportunities: 73% said they wish their company would do more to support a cause or social issue – what better way than to meaningfully engage your employees and even their families in the Inland Ocean Coalition’s unique approach to ocean conservation.
  • Employee engagement can generate greater pride, loyalty and passion toward the company’s mission, which can increase productivity by up to 43%.
  • 92% say they feel a strong sense of loyalty to their company (vs. 61% for those who are not involved in employee engagement opportunities).
  • Ultimately, partnering with the Inland Ocean Coalition gives your employees pride that they helped develop a healthier, more sustainable community – and global market.


Corporate Social Responsibility Enhances Reputation*

  • 85% of Americans say they have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.
  • 59% of Americans stated that a company’s commitment to a social issue is important when deciding in which stocks or mutual funds to invest.
  • 69% said it is important when deciding where to work.


Thank you for your Corporate Partnership. Please accept Inland Ocean Coalition’s gratitude in choosing sustainable business practices that will impact our ocean for generations to come.


* Each statistical citation provided through Front Range Source, a non-profit consulting agency.

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