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Boulder Creek, a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate


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Boulder Creek has a voice. The Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative, sponsored by the Inland Ocean Coalition and the Waterkeeper Alliance, is a grassroots, all-volunteer project in Boulder, Colorado. This initiative is dedicated to monitoring, protecting and preserving the creek and watershed while also building a community of individuals and organizations that support swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters that flow from source to sea.

Boulder has been and will continue to be a global environmental leader. Our community-based Boulder Creek initiative facilitates learning and engagement locally and addresses the direct impacts of inland populations on the global water cycle. We are a land-locked region but our actions are not - the Boulder Creek Watershed flows to the Mississippi Drainage Basin and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Our communities affect the marine environment and we have the opportunity and responsibility to illuminate and manage watershed issues. Our approach is positive: PRO-respect; PRO-conservation; PRO-drinkable, swimmable, and fishable water.

Commentary and observations on the the status and future of Boulder Creek, its watershed and water-related issues around the world.

Observe, identify, photograph, geocache and monitor points of interest in the watershed including headwaters, confluences, falls, scenic and entertainment sites, dams, and industrial locations. 

Anticipate, identify, and manage emerging contaminants and coordinate with other Boulder watershed groups to disseminate information on emerging contaminants.


Enhance watershed awareness by raising knowledge and understanding of current and future issues that impact the community and the watershed. This includes streambed encroachment, flood mitigation efforts, agriculture and fossil fuel extraction. The Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative will have a regular blog and web presence to raise issues and lead discussions that deserve attention.

Leverage a community of individuals and organizations that share the common principal of swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters for all. The initiative will communicate and collaborate with existing and future organizations and individuals who share the same goals and objectives.

Engage citizen science and participation in monitoring and managing watershed issues. The Boulder Creek initiative will identify, define, and direct citizen activities that engage the community with the watershed and illuminate emerging science and environmental issues.

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