Boulder Creek Boots

Boots Patrolling

One of the requirements of being a Waterkeeper organization is regular patrolling of the waterway with the expectation that the organization has a boat.  Boulder Creek is not a navigable waterway and the deepest points of flowing water might be less than four feet deep, so the patrolling strategy is 'Boots' instead of 'Boats.'  We will be using citizen participation to regularly visit, observe and report on key locations in the watershed.

Geocaching Prizes

To incentivize citizen participation, the Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative is offering rewards and recognition to individuals who perform and document a 'Boots' patrol.  Anyone who visits one of the eight locations noted on the map below and submits a photograph of the location to will receive logoschwag, recognition on the website and will have their photograph posted on the specific 'Boots' page.

Click circles to access individual 'Boots' pages