Boulder Creek Emerging Science

Boulder Creek Water Quality Monitoring

Boulder Creek Waterkeeper envisions using educational and outreach activities to build awareness of local watershed concerns and to develop a community of active stewards that help reduce the prevalence of priority contaminants in the watershed.

We intend to monitor existing EPA required sampling activities conducted by local government agencies. As opposed to duplicating existing water quality monitoring efforts, we aim to support current initiatives by building awareness and stimulating action and by expand existing monitoring efforts to focus on emerging contaminants for which current environmental prevalence may not be well known or understood.

Areas of interest for investigation and awareness building by Boulder Creek Waterkeeper include:

Endocrine disrupting compounds derived from:

  • Personal hygiene products such as microbeads (microplastics) and pharmaceuticals passed through sewage treatment facilities

  • Oil and metals mining (fracking chemicals, heavy metals)

  • Fire retardants

Nutrients which contribute to dead zones

  • Farming runoff

  • Yard runoff

Biological contaminants

  • E. Coli from wild and domesticated animals, and people

Boulder Creek Waterkeeper’s goal is to harness your passion around water quality and to work with you to make a difference in your community. Is there a particular contaminant you are most concerned about? Contact us to get involved and make a difference in your local watershed.