Under Development Retired – Swim Across the Caribbean


Matt Moseley to Attempt First-Ever 'Swim Across the Caribbean'

50 miles, four islands, three days: swim will benefit water organizations and monitor microplastics

Matt Moseley and his support team, including Coach Randy Soler, are planning to Swim Across The Caribbean for about 50 miles on July 17, 18 and 19, 2017. This first-ever swim will be from St. John’s to St. Thomas, St. Thomas to Vieques and then Vieques to Puerto Rico ending with a celebration at Puerto Del Rey Marina. It will follow World Open Water Swimming Association guidelines.

The swim is a benefit for the Scuba Dogs Society, who protect coral reefs and beaches, and the Inland Ocean Coalition, who prove that you don’t have to live on the ocean to care about it. The adventure will combine science and swimming. The 5 Gyres Institute will monitor microplastics through a specific protocol for one of the first data sets of plastic content in the Caribbean. The journey is being documented by renowned director of photography John Mans.

The swim is sponsored by Bobo's Oat BarsRovR Coolers, dovetail solutions and Puerto Del Rey, the marina where we will finish, and The Moorings who have assisted with the support catamaran.

“I think of swimming as a performance art project that are vessels to tell the story of water and the organizations who work hard to protect it,” said swimmer Matt Moseley. “My swims are moveable festivals with art and music. It has taken two years of planning and training to put this together. We have a great team and the momentum has been building.”

“There has been very little microplastic research conducted in the Caribbean making our involvement in the Swim Across the Caribbean critical to a global understanding of the plastic pollution problem,” said Carolynn Box, Science Program Director at 5 Gyres, an environmental group that empowers others to take action towards solutions to plastic pollution. “The data collected will be incorporated into our global dataset to help support policies and efforts to ban single use plastics, such as styrofoam takeout containers, which we are targeting through our current #foamfree Action Campaign.”

"Scuba Dogs Society is proud to be a partner in this event that promotes awareness of the protection of oceans and is very much in line with our environmental education and coastal and underwater clean-up initiatives,” said Silmarie Sanchez, executive director of Scuba Dogs Society. “The objective is to have clean and healthy waters for healthy growth of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and human health."

“We are excited to be part of this swim and the first citizen science monitoring project for plastic pollution in the Caribbean,” said Vicki Nichols Goldstein, founder and executive director of the Inland Ocean Coalition, a movement that builds land-to sea stewardship. “We live on an ocean planet and the key ingredients to building an inland movement for oceans and clean water is to ignite community engagement, support key legislative efforts, facilitate learning partnerships, and create cultural shifts through education. This swim is an opportunity to illustrate both our connection to dependence on the ocean.”

“Bobo's believes in the spirit of determinism, as in 'where there is a will, there is a way,’” said Beryl Stafford, founder and president of Bobo’s Oat Bars.  “Matt Moseley embodies such determinism with his vision for inventing ridiculous open water swim routes and combining them with great water-protecting causes like 5 Gyres and Scuba Dog Society.  We are proud to partner and support Matt's big Caribbean swim, wish him luck and strength, and encourage people to also join him in protecting our great oceans.”