Why An Inland Ocean Movement?

The ocean is our planet's life support system, and its health is in crisis. We often think that to protect the ocean, you have to be near the ocean. But we all have a direct impact on the cycles of life in the ocean—no matter where we live. The changes we need to make to address the largest threats facing our seas—lowering carbon emissions, reducing plastic and other pollution, protecting our fisheries, safeguarding watersheds, promoting marine protected areas, and fighting for legislation that supports our ocean, waterways, and climate—can happen from anywhere in the world. 

The Inland Ocean Coalition's approach is unique in that we give inland communities a voice in protecting our ocean by empowering them to become ocean champions in their communities and connecting them with their legislative leaders. Our unique niche allows us to work with our chapters and supporters around the country to convey to our legislative leaders that we all have a stake in ocean protection, even if we live inland. 

The Inland Ocean Coalition is working to build ocean conservation constituencies around the US. We hope you'll join us to protect the ocean we all love. 

Volunteers are the heart of the inland movement. By providing hands-on training to engaged individuals, we create community leaders who enact positive change.

Help your community be a voice for ocean protection. Is there is an inland chapter near you? If not, consider starting a chapter with us!

Watersheds are a direct connection we have to our ocean. Our work includes cleanups, monitoring, and testing to keep water clean for all.

An educational campaign to decrease the use of plastic straws in the US and beyond. We encourage restaurants to only serve non-plastic alternatives upon request. 

Pledge to choose sunscreen free from synthetic chemicals that harm coral reefs and encourage retailers to support this shift by making alternatives available.

Upcoming Events

Ocean Climate Action Hill Day

Wednesday April 14, 2021

Join us for the largest ocean protection lobby day in history!

The climate crisis prompted millions of youth around the world to demand a "Green New Deal." But the Green New Deal lacked the “Blue.” Over two years and in collaboration with industry leaders, marine conservationists, academics, and frontline communities, the non-partisan Ocean Climate Action Plan (OCAP) was developed by co-conveners Center for the Blue Economy at the Middlebury Institute and Blue Frontier to put oceans, coasts, rivers and the Great Lakes front and center in climate solutions. The plan calls for bold and strategic investments that help decarbonize American industry, create new jobs in clean energy and climate adaptation, while addressing climate injustices of the past, and honoring Indigenous knowledge and innovative solutions for the future. Roughly 50% of the OCAP policy recommendations are included in HR 8632 the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act, but the work does not stop there. 

The OCAP team invites the Inland Ocean Coalition community to join Ocean Climate Action (Virtual) Capitol Hill Lobby Day, April 14, 2021. Participants will join state delegations and meet (via Zoom) their elected officials in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to push for common sense, job-creating, and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. For more information, please contact: Ms. Lauren Townsend, OCAP Lobby Day Coordinator, at lauren@oceanclimateaction2021.org or 215-939-7621. 



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