“How can we inspire communities to recognize that the ocean belongs to all of us?”

We are an inland movement that builds land to sea stewardship. Our vision is to support citizens and communities to take an active role in improving the impacts and relationships between the inland, the coastal, and the ocean.

Those who live among mountains, rivers and inland cities have a direct impact on the cycle of life in the ocean. The changes we need to make to address the largest threats facing our seas—lowering carbon emissions, reducing trash and pollution, eating sustainable seafood, safeguarding watersheds, promoting marine protected areas (MPAs)—can happen from anywhere in the world. 

In 2011, Vicki Nichols Goldstein founded the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), an organization focused on inspiring inland communities to be stewards of our waters and ocean. Starting in 2015, other inland communities began forming Inland Ocean Chapters. In 2017, COCO responded to the growing network of Chapters and formed the Inland Ocean Coalition based on the premise that you don't have to see the ocean to protect it. 

Inland communities want to connect their actions to the ocean. Is there is an inland chapter near you? If not, consider starting a chapter with us!

Watersheds are a direct connection we have to all water. Our work includes cleanups, monitoring, and testing to keep water clean for all.

An educational campaign to decrease the use of plastic straws in the US and beyond. We encourage restaurants to only serve non-plastic alternatives upon request. 

Pledge to choose sunscreen free from synthetic chemicals that harm coral reefs and encourage retailers to support this shift by making alternatives available.

Volunteers are the heart of the inland movement. By providing hands-on training to engaged individuals, we create community leaders who enact positive change.


Boulder, CO Grand Opening 



Join the Inland Ocean Coalition and Coal Creek Physical Therapy for their grand opening of a second location in Boulder! Come and go as you please - this event is open house style! The event will be held at our Boulder location at 350 Broadway Street #50.

Plus, for every new patient, Coal Creek PT will donate $1 to the Inland Ocean Coalition. Help us help our ocean!

Bites, beer and wine will be served.

Explore Cuba with the Inland Ocean Coalition and Susan Bruce Travel

11 Days / 10 Nights

An exclusive insight into Cuba’s history, people, and nature

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Exploring Guanahacabibes, NOAA Sister Marine Sanctuary,  in Maria la Gorda — off limits to most U.S. citizens.  We have authorization to take you here!
  • Diving (or snorkeling if you prefer) the coral reefs of the southern coast which sustain rich marine life
  • Birding with an expert in the Zapata National Park, the largest wetlands in the Caribbean, home to large numbers of migratory birds and rare endemic species
  • Soroa Orchid Garden with 20,000 plants including 700 orchid and thousands of fern species
  • Viñales National Park and its 250 million-year-old loaf-shaped limestone mountains laced with caves and famous tobacco farms
  • Exchanges with Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation one of Cuba’s oldest NGOs and our primary host in Cuba.
  • An evening with Sr. Ariel Ricardo, a retired diplomat from the Cuban foreign ministry who worked with Jacques Cousteau on the Calypso
  • Havana’s art and music scene and the colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos
  • The BEST local guides

Note:  You don’t have to be a diver to fully enjoy this trip!

EarthxOcean: Inland Ocean Action Summit


The first ever Inland Ocean Action Summit (IOAS) will take place this year at EarthX in Dallas, Texas, April 26-27.

EarthX draws over 150,000 people each year to its massive combination of conferences, exhibits, film showings, fairways, outdoor adventure areas, and more, with an aim to “sustain environmental initiatives with a substantial, positive impact on all living things on our planet.”

Organized by Blue Frontier and the Inland Ocean Coalition, the IOAS will draw ocean activists from inland areas of the United States. The goal is to help raise the profile of marine conservation through organizational growth and development so that ocean protection is no longer seen as simply a coastal issue by policymakers and others, but as a topic of national and global significance.