What it will Take to Achieve the 30×30 Resolution to Save Nature

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By Maya Chastang Did you know that only around 7.5% of our ocean is labeled as protected? Of this, only 2.6% of the global ocean is completely off limits to fishing. Due to plastic pollution, ocean acidification, bycatch, deforestation, and countless other stressors, the health of our ecosystems on our planet are declining. To combat this degradation, New Mexico Senator Tom Udall and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet introduced a bill called The Thirty by Thirty […]

Seven ways to be a fisherman or woman, and a conservationist

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By Rick Wallace, founder and editor of Tackle Village As fishermen and women, we don’t always think about the important role we play in conservation. Maybe some of us don’t consider ourselves as conservationists, but I actually believe almost all of us are deeply interested in conserving the natural environment. We do this in all kinds of ways, both big and small. But we can always do better. So, this list details seven steps to […]

Fast Fashion is Speeding up the Degradation of our Planet

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By Hailey Kutcher Fast fashion—inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-markets in an attempt to keep up with current fashion trends—is an integral part of our modern world. These pieces are much more affordable, and websites and stores make the products very tempting compared to more traditional and expensive options. The fashion industry, like many other consumer-driven industries, is also built on the need to convince consumers to buy the latest and greatest each season. However, […]

Reusables Are Safe During The Pandemic

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By Emerson Damiano, IOC Intern During the stay at home order earlier this year due to COVID-19, the news shared stories of lowered CO2 emissions, dolphins and fish in the clear canals of Venice, and an overall temporary improvement of our ecological crisis. However, these stories were not the full truth. In reality, dolphins were not reentering the polluted canals but were visiting Sardinia, an island hundreds of miles away. Emissions into the atmosphere, while […]

Inland Ocean Ambassadors

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As COVID-19 became a global threat in early 2020, we needed to rethink our in-person volunteer training strategy. With chapters around the country, going virtual provided an opportunity to take our volunteer leadership trainings online and expand our inland ocean community. The virtual Inland Ocean Ambassador Certification Program brought together 25 Ocean Ambassadors from 12 different states for a four-week intensive training on ocean leadership to further grow the inland ocean network. The inland ocean […]

Select Committee Releases Climate Report

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Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Report: Release is Today! By Sophia Zengierski Back in January, the House of Representatives put together the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Since then, its members have been working with leaders on climate to determine recommendations on policies and strategies to ensure a better future for generations to come. After these months of investigations and hearings, the Committee released a report of findings today, June 30th.  Made up […]

On the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Rollback

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By Sophia Zengierski In a time of national division and crisis, President Trump has chosen to roll back protections on the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. Signing this executive order means opening the area up and putting wildlife and habitats at risk.  In the race to protect 30% of the Earth’s land and seas by 2030, every protected area counts. But why are protected areas so important? Quite frankly, marine protected areas allow […]

How Ocean Health is Improving During the Pandemic

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By Maya Chastang, an eighth grade student at Summit Middle School in Boulder, Colorado In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s hard to see how any good can come from this tragedy. However, because people are traveling and polluting less, the environment is getting a well-deserved break.  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media lately, reporting wild goats wandering down from the hills in Wales and into people’s yards, and drastically […]

Plastic Pollution Legislation in Colorado

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This year Colorado is taking steps to reduce plastic pollution in the state through three legislative measures. First, SB 10 would have overturned a plastic preemption measure—essentially a ban on bans—that barred local governments and communities from creating their own bans on plastic items or regulating any plastic products within their jurisdiction. The bill was heard in the Local Government Committee on February 4th. Melissa, the Inland Ocean Coalition’s (IOC’s) new Community Engagement Manager, provided […]

The Meaning of Salmon

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By Stephen C. Curro, Inland Ocean Coalition Volunteer Say the word “salmon” and different people think of different things. To foodies, salmon is a tasty meal rich in omega-3s. To anglers, it’s a gorgeous fish to fool on a line. To Native Americans and First Nations Peoples, it’s an important part of their culture and the web of life itself. To naturalists and adventure seekers, it’s a symbol of the wild. Salmon are remarkable creatures. […]