Turning the tide on plastic pollution

The Inland Ocean Coalition joined the global movement #breakfreefromplastic in order to ensure a healthy future that is free from plastic pollution. #breakfreefromplastic is a worldwide campaign of over 1,060 groups that are dedicated to reducing and eliminating the widespread usage of single-use plastics, which are significantly contributing to the excessive amounts of plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans. By taking a holistic approach, the movement aims to bring environmental protection and social equity to communities around the world.


Envisioning a future free from plastic pollution

Rather than relying on a cure for plastic pollution, #breakfreefromplastic aims to prevent the harmful impacts from plastic and provide useful solutions to create a future with an “abundance of life, not an abundance of plastic”. The global movement will:

  • Unite individuals and impacted communities around the world
  • Promote citizen community action and partnerships with government and business innovators
  • Approach government policy through environmental and social justice, public health, and human rights
  • Advocate for responsible production
  • Slow climate change, rather than accelerate it, through sustainable systems and practices




Better Alternatives Now (B.A.N) List
Stemming the Plastic Food