The Inland Ocean Coalition and its chapters host a variety of events throughout the year to engage its inland community members in ocean conservation and advocacy.


Blue Drinks

Want to meet folks like yourself who are passionate about ocean conservation, watershed health, and plastic pollution reduction? Our Blue Drinks events, often hosted by our Chapters, our now virtual! Enjoy your favorite blue cocktail (or mocktail!) and join us for these informal discussions with scientists, advocates, legislators, activists, and ocean-lovers from around the world! Not only do you have the opportunity to learn from our guest speakers on some of the ways by which they’re leading the charge in ocean and watershed preservation efforts, but you also get to network with and join a community of individuals who are passionate about these issues as well. 

Enrichment Meetings

Typically hosted by the Inland Ocean Coalition’s headquarters, our enrichment meetings are a way to not only connect with our chapters, ambassadors, and our staff, but we also host an array of incredible speakers! Want to hear the latest on right whale conservation efforts and what you can do to help? How about the importance of sustainable seafood and how to find it in your community? And what about cleaning up all that plastic in our oceans? Our enrichment meetings are entirely virtual and available for you to become a better steward of our oceans!

Creek Cleanups

Although the current pandemic has put a damper on our in-person events, creek cleanups are a great way to get out of the house and make a direct impact on your community’s local watersheds - all the while maintaining social distancing protocol! Keep an eye out for creek cleanups in your area on our calendar. Feeling motivated to run a creek cleanup yourself? Contact for more information, tips, and tricks to running your own successful creek cleanup!

Inland Ocean Ambassadors Training

Ready to fully immerse yourself in a program that will help you become an effective ocean advocate? Dive into our Inland Ocean Ambassadors Training Program! We want to show passionate, ocean-minded folks like you that it is possible to make a difference in protecting our oceans, and that it’s not too late to take action and preserve all the wonderful things our big blue seas have to offer. Head on over to our Inland Ocean Ambassadors page to learn more!