We Must Protect 30% of Our Lands and Ocean

30×30 Statement of Support

The Inland Ocean Coalition strongly supports President Biden’s Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful plan, which commits to conserving 30% of public lands and waters by 2030. This inclusive, locally-led, nationwide effort will rely on local experts – from tribal councils and city halls to state leaders, farmers, and ranchers, to fishers, conservationists, recreationists, hunters, anglers – and all other Americans who use and love our public lands and ocean.

With President Biden’s commitment to placing 30% of our ocean in marine protected areas, regions of our ocean will receive a higher level of prioritization, ensuring that marine wildlife are protected and that our ocean has a chance to adapt to a changing climate. Vicki Nichols Goldstein, our Founder and Executive Director, states: “I am overjoyed by President Biden’s commitment to place at least 30% of our ocean in marine protected areas – regions of the ocean that will get a higher level of management and care.”

We at the Inland Ocean Coalition look forward to this changing tide in ocean conservation, and look forward to the long-lasting benefits this plan will have as we continue to build land-to-sea stewardship across the inland United States.