Rising Tide #86 – Kassia Meador Surfs with Grace for the Ocean

Today we’re stoked to be speaking with Kassia Meador a long time professional surfer known for her ecstatic longboard style and multiple passions in, on and near the water. Natasha Benjamin and I engage with her about her earliest beach and saltwater memories with her surfer dad, changes she’s seen in the ocean, her creation of the first wetsuit brand by women for women, and what links surfing and kelp with creation and community. So join us in the flow.  

Rising Tide, the Ocean Podcast is co-hosted by Blue Frontier’s David Helvarg and the Inland Ocean Coalition’s Vicki Nichols-Goldstein. This podcast aims to give you information, inspiration and motivation (along with a few laughs) to help understand our ocean world and make it better. The ocean is rising, and so are we!

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