Blue The Dive™ – Promoting a Sustainable Dive Community

As a collective move forward, our mission is to promote a strong and unified voice for ocean protection driven by the scuba and dive community.

Blue The Dive (BTD) is a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA), and Ocean First Institute (OFI) to engage and support the dive industry to protect the ocean through education, action, and sustainable business practices.

Blue the Dive is a unique project that seeks to improve dive industry sustainability and conservation practices by educating SCUBA divers, free divers, snorkelers, ocean recreationalists, and dive businesses on what they can do to protect the ocean and unite them to act on ocean conservation issues. We are spearheading a new effort to transform the dive community from observers to active participants in ocean protection. Divers are in a unique position to witness the continuing deterioration of the ocean, which includes the adverse impacts from the recreational dive industry. We all depend on a healthy ocean and BTD garners public involvement by taking a leadership role to galvanize the dive community in protecting our ocean and preserving it for future generations.

BTD has attracted a collective group of leaders and participants in the dive industry, ocean sciences, and ocean conservation who believe in one common goal of creating an action-oriented project to address the impacts that unsustainable diving has on the ocean. BTD will provide a variety of opportunities for the dive community to engage in watershed and ocean problems and solutions.

These ideas and transformations within the dive community are continuing to take place. To ensure that your group is represented, join the conversation, and be heard! BTD Facebook Page