Montana Chapter


The Montana chapter of the Inland Ocean Coalition was co-founded by Regan Nelson and Ivy Fredrickson and focuses on ocean policy. Both Regan and Ivy are experts on ocean conservation issues, particularly marine fisheries policy and management, and are intimately engaged in federal policy as part of their day jobs. The chapter is led by Tahsha Weir. She is an aspiring conservationist studying Biological Science — Conservation Biology Ecology and minoring in Water Resource at Montana State University. She is highly motivated, passionate, working to restore and conserve our precious waterways and oceans while educating others to share the knowledge and passion she possesses. Tahsha involves herself with an inspirational and educational organization within the Inland Ocean Coalition. If she is not on the road traveling, you can find her swimming or hiking with her trusty side-kick Lewis!


Tahsha Wehr, Chapter Lead

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