Colorado Ocean Coalition at CU

The CU Colorado Ocean Coalition enables CU students to participate in an Inland ocean movement that will empower, educate, lead and connect them  to projects that will promote community action toward a healthier ocean.



President – Brooke Lynn Elzweig

Vice President – Ashleigh Van Deusen

Treasurer – Kyle Murphy

Secretary – Matt Skogen

Event Coordinator –  Isaiah Jones

Board Member – Ibs Karoussa


CU President’s Leadership Class – The President’s Leadership Class is a four-year leadership development program for outstanding undergraduates at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is a comprehensive program combining both academic and experiential curricula to expose students to leadership lessons on many different levels. The students that year picked the Colorado Ocean Coalition as one of their projects and worked to reinstate the campus chapter. They filmed and produced a video to launch the student group.


Andrea Smith, Geraldo Hidalgo & Christina Garcia


Kelsey Bartling, Andrea Smith & Geraldo Hidalgo