Inland Ocean Chapters

The Inland Ocean Coalition is actively expanding its network of inland ocean chapters. In keeping with our vision for citizens and communities to take an active role in improving the impacts and relationships between the inland, the coasts, and the ocean, our chapters promote healthy oceans through education, community engagement, and the implementation of Inland Ocean Coalition programs and campaigns. Each chapter works on matters and issues unique to its locale and helps people understand the land-to-sea concept. Chapters are encouraged to develop and share ideas and work together to expand current inland ocean campaigns.



Our Chapters


Grow Your Chapter

The following steps help define and grow Inland Ocean Chapters:

  • Identify and support local watershed-to-sea issues
  • Plan Blue Drink events to introduce the Inland Ocean Coalition to the community
  • Grow membership by setting up tables at local community events and through social media
  • Partner with local businesses and events that are water and/or ocean-minded
  • Join our Suck the Straws Out Campaign to encourage local restaurants to stop using  plastic straws
  • Team up with Blue the Dive and encourage your local dive shop to go blue!

Get Started

The Chapter Guide for Inland Ocean Chapters explains in detail how to work with the Inland Ocean Coalition to create and manage an Inland Ocean Chapter.

Download the Guide

For more information, or with questions, contact Christine Evans, Chapter Coordinator.

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