Drive to Reduce CO2

Drive to Reduce CO2

A major threat to the ocean is burning fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide (CO2) – driving your car or truck is a key contributor. This CO2 is absorbed into the ocean causing acidification that changes water chemistry and life.

Reducing your carbon footprint can be as simple as using less plastic, or eating less meat and grains.  Fortunately, bigger changes, such as switching to zero-carbon energy for your car and your home is now also easy to do.  COCO supports you being the change #BeTheChange.

COCO is partnering with Colorado’s BMW this holiday season on their new i3, a 100% electric plug-in vehicle. By making the switch you reduce your carbon footprint by two tons of CO2 per year. Did we mention payments are as low as $277/month!

Contact us for more information on this special offer from BMW

CO’s BMW donates to COCO in your name for every i3 test drive and purchase.

The Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO) is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by being the change. Our programs and partnerships encourage carbon reduction and make a positive impact on our oceans.

Please consider giving to COCO to support our efforts. Colorado Gives Day is December 9th!


When making your financial gift to COCO at Colorado Gives please remember to select the “CO GIVES DAY” button.