Happy World Oceans Month!

We have seen so much improvement since the proposal of World Oceans Day in 1991 by the Government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The first World Oceans Day was declared by the United Nations in December 2008, to be the date of June 8th, and since then we have continued to celebrate the beauty of the oceans, and the innovative and inspiring ideas of our ocean leaders. Although, on May 29, 2015, President Barack Obama declared that for 2015, June would be the World Oceans Month, therefore expanding our celebration and discussion of the impacts on the ocean. This also provides an incentive for fellow citizens to recognize that the oceans are in grave danger, and provide their insight on how we can become a community of one (inlanders and coastal dwellers) in order to save our oceans. So, in light of President Barack Obama proclaiming that June will be World Oceans Month (a whole month of ocean love- yay!) and being one whom loves to create lists, we have compiled a list of our favorite ways to help improve the ocean from inland areas, as well as coastal areas.  To read the full proclamation created by the President, click here.


Inlanders (mountaineers, plain-dwellers)

  1. Reduce plastic waste- use reusable bags
    1. Shop at Lucky’s Market for their Bag for Change and proceeds will go to one of the non-profits- including COCO!
    2. Personal tip: Many ocean-loving organizations are providing the public with reusable bags that are discounted for worlds ocean month, will show others that you care about the ocean, and also help support these amazing organizations in everything that they do!
  2. Use water bottles (Polar water bottles are a personal favorite), and reusable mugs!
    1. Personal tip: in order to decrease the chance of BPA leaking into your water bottle- especially during these hot months of summer- buy a water bottle made of glass, use mason jars (you can buy lids with straws designed to fit them at Target), or again- buy a Polar water bottle!
  3. Get involved in any of our four events that we are supporting! You can find a brief description in our newsletter, or below.
  4. Eat safe fish! To find a list of endangered species of fish due to overfishing that should not be consumed, go to this website!


  1. Organize a coastal trash pick-up in your area by clicking on this link
  2. Join an organization that provides outreach to those in your area on the status of our oceans and how we, as a community, can help!
  3. Reduce your plastic by reducing the use of plastic bags and plastic water bottles!
    1. Personal tip: use glass, or mason jars, especially during warmer months to eliminate the risk of BPA being leaked into your water!
    2. Buy reusable bags from an organization that you feel shares the same intrinsic ideal as you toward the ocean!
  4. Learn/ continue to scuba dive at a dive shop that practices eco-friendly ways, which are described in this article here  


Our Inspiring Events to Help Show Your Ocean Love:

  • Sea Love Be Love campaign- an invitation by one of our own ocean ambassadors, Danni Washington, to write a love letter to the sea in whichever presentation truly demonstrates your love! The love letter varies from photographs of the ocean, videos, written letters, etc. Describe to us how the ocean has incorporated moral value into your life! As an individual who has absolutely been impacted by the ocean, I invite you to look at my love letter to the sea, whether it serves as an example for yours, or maybe an inspiration for you to get out there and discover a connection with an amazing ecosystem.

IMG_7461Check out Danni’s campaign here.


  • Help save your favorite species by playing basketball! Blue Ocean Ball is a non-profit that offers you to help save the oceans by playing basketball. The leaders of this organization have come up with a way to create world-like basketballs, and I mean world-like in the way that the basketball is designed to look like a globe (cool!). Every dollar that is spent on their basketballs will contribute as funding for their program to lead the world into new, innovative ways to help save the oceans.
  • If you’re not so much of a love-letter writer, or basketball junky, we have another awe-inspiring event for you! Listen in on a free online Summit that includes 32 speakers from 13 countries. Their main discussion? How to create a diving experience similar to the ones we as ocean- adventurers love and hold near and dear to our hearts, while simultaneously minimizing the impact on the ocean.