The Shift is Easy

The Shift Is Easy

COCO asks this holiday season that you recognize your connection to and impact on the ocean’s watershed.  Please shift your buying habits and purchase products that have low impact on our local water quality. 

An easy place to start is with kitchen and bathroom products that are effective, safe, and keep you and our watershed healthy.  Following is a short list of my personal favorites, but please note that COCO does not endorse, promote, receive commission, or non-profit benefit of any kind by suggesting these brands.  The only benefit is to your and our watershed health.


Bath & Shower

Where to Buy                 (alphabetical list)

Dishwasher: Biokleen Dishwasher Powder

Handsoap: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Handsoap

 Alfalfa’s                                                                  Lucky’s Market                                          Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage                               Pharmaca                                       Sprouts Market                                  Whole Foods Market                                                                                                  

Liquid Dish Soap: ECOs Dishmate – Almond

Body Wash: Honest Shampoo and Body Wash

Counter-top Spray: ECO’s All-surface Cleaner

Shampoo: Alba Botanicals (various products for healthy, dry, brittle, treated or curly hair)

Sink Scrub: Bon Ami Powder Scrub

Conditioner: Alba Botanicals (various products for healthy, dry, brittle, treated or curly hair)

Fruit and Veggie Wash: Citrus Magic, The Honest Company

Skin Exfoliant: Alba Botanicals Acnedote Face and Body Scrub; MyChelle Natural Enzyme and Exfoliant Wash

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