Peak & Plunge – Episode 0 (Trailer)

Introducing the latest podcast project from Bio-DIVE-rsity creator Dane Whicker: Peak & Plunge! In collaboration with the Inland Ocean Coalition, Peak & Plunge examines the ties between the ocean and those people that live miles away from it. Each episode, we talk to an expert in the field to examine inland-ocean ties through our seafood, our agriculture, our climate, our use of plastics, and even how, from the top of a mountain, your future might be reliant on potatoes from the deepest reaches of the ocean floor.

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Artwork Attributions:

Podcast cover artwork by Mercedes Schultz.

Music And Sound Attributions:
All sound effects and music tracks are under the YouTube Audio license, are Public Domain, or are otherwise free to use without attribution.

Special Thanks:
Special thank you to all the inland guests interviewed about your personal connections to the ocean, as well as experts Mark Haver, Cory Nash, and Seth Watkins. All voices are used with permission. Peak and Plunge is hosted, written, and produced by Dane Whicker, and produced in proud partnership with the Inland Ocean Coalition.
Full Show Notes, including all Video, Picture, Music,  and Sound Attributions, as well as all informational citations, available here.

Episode Transcript Available Here.
This episode of the Peak & Plunge podcast was written, hosted, and produced by Dane Whicker. Interviews conducted by Dane Whicker. All voices are used with permission.