Peak & Plunge #3 – Whose Sustainability Is It Anyway?

The show where the word is made up and your seafood choices matter!

In episode 3 of Peak & Plunge, we talk to special guest Cory Nash, Outreach Manager at the esteemed Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program, about our relationships with seafood. In a world where overfishing threatens not only the ocean’s health but the lives and rights of us humans – this relationship holds a lot more weight that most realize.

What the heck does sustainable even mean, and who is it for? Does the seafood we eat inland matter? 

Listen and find out!

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Supplementary Pictures and Videos

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch – 

How to Install Seafood Watch on your phone: 

The Crimes Behind The Seafood You Eat, An Excellently Reported Article on Seafood’s Human Cost:

A Guide To the Environmental Impacts of Fishing and Farming Methods – 

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Special Thanks

Special thank you to Cory Nash for his time and expertise, as well as lending his voice to this episode! All voices are used with permission.

Peak and Plunge is hosted, written, and produced by Dane Whicker, and produced in proud partnership with the Inland Ocean Coalition.