Rising Tide #106 – An Orca Film and an Ocean Film Fest

In the latest Rising Tide we talk with our old friend Ana Blanco of the International Ocean Film Festival – coming to San Francisco April 12-14 – and Sarah Norenberg, the director of ‘Orca – Black & White Gold,’ one of the exciting documentaries playing there about how Russian activists saved 100 whales slated to be sold to Chinese aquarium parks, and instead got them released back into the wild. A true life ‘Free Willy’ film plus some good talk about ocean documentaries.  

‘Rising Tide, the Ocean Podcast’, is a refreshing, irreverent dive into the lives, work, and explorations of some of today’s leading and diverse ocean voices. Each half hour episode co-hosted by David Helvarg and Vicki Nichols-Goldstein sails through lively discussions with our guests about marine life, culture, and critical issues affecting our rapidly changing seas. Informative, enlightening, and often humorous, it is an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about understanding, enjoying, and protecting our salty blue world.

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