Peak & Plunge #2 – Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas

Let’s remember…everything goes somewhere. 

In episode 2 of Peak & Plunge, we talk to special guests Seth Watkins and Mel Jung (our former Programs and Outreach Director) about how inland agriculture, our food systems, climate, and the oceans all relate. Seth is the owner of Pinhook Farm, where he raises beef cattle, hair sheep, chickens, bees…and where he challenges agricultural convention daily. He sees the connections between what he does on the farm and the oceans of the world—and strives to steward and bolster those connections instead of conquering and degrading them. Can where you buy food make the difference between clean beaches and a lot of dead fish?

Listen and find out!

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Supplementary Pictures and Videos

Video 1 – Understanding Our Soils, a GREAT visual guide to nitrogen, fertilizers, and soils.
Video Credit: Jimi Sol.

Picture 1 – Asparagopsis taxiformis, a potential climate hero?
Picture credit: Roberto Pillon. Used under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED License.

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Special Thanks

Special thank you to Seth Watkins for his time, expertise, and for lending his voice to this episode! And another to Melissa Jung, who has since moved on from the IOC but we appreciate her hard work and voice all the same! All voices are used with permission.

This episode of the Peak & Plunge podcast was written, hosted, and produced by Dane Whicker. Interviews conducted by Dane Whicker. All voices are used with permission.