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    Lance Kittel

    Happy Monday everyone!

    I hope you all had a great weekend. Mel just returned from some well-deserved time off and I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend rafting the Colorado River. The river was running very high; we saw entire trees, and unfortunately a ton of plastic and trash, floating down the river. There’s plenty of work to be done, but I am happy to see the water the West so desperately needs.

    Onto the Ocean News!

    Pacific Remote Island Scoping Public Comment Period
    NOAA has issued a Notice of Intent to begin scoping for a new Sanctuary to enhance protections for PRI. They have kicked off a 45-day public comment period closing on June 2nd. To advance this designation in line with the PRI Coalition’s vision, we must ensure NOAA hears strong, community support for this Sanctuary designation.

    Please use Pacific Remote Island Coalition’s toolkit to help drive a high volume of supportive public comments to advance a Sanctuary designation that:
    Permanently and strongly protects the Pacific Remote Islands to the full extent of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone;
    Honors the area’s unique history and cultural significance with a culturally appropriate renaming process; Adopts a co-management model so that the caretaking of this place includes Pacific Island voices ensuring it’s longevity and resiliency for our ocean home.

    The IOC will be submitting an organizational comment. Please let Mel or I know if you’d like to use our comment as a reference.

    Thank you for submitting your proposals!
    Mel recently asked you all to provide some ideas for projects, should the IOC grow our funding opportunities. Many of you responded with some fantastic ideas and we are very thankful! We will submit the grant application this week and let you all know if we receive the funding.

    News in New York
    Sharon in New York recently shared some awesome news with me! More below:
    The Build Public Renewables Act will allow the New York Power Authority to supercharge our transition to renewable energy. The law mandates NYPA to build new large-scale renewable projects to meet our CLCPA goals, all while creating thousands of green union jobs and retiring polluting peaker plants in Environmental Justice communities.

    The All-Electric Buildings Act ends fossil fuels in new buildings, under seven stories beginning in 2026 and larger ones in 2029. With every new home, we will build toward a future where our kids don’t have to live with poor air quality, dangerous infrastructure, and daunting prospects for the planet.

    Reach out to Sharon if you have questions!

    Coming Up: World Ocean Day
    World Ocean Day is coming up on June 8! We will keep you all updated with our plans, as well as ambassador-led events happening around the country.

    That’s it for now! Enjoy your week.

    Kate Ashley

    I’ve submitted a public comment. Thanks for the toolkit!

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