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    Lance Kittel

    Happy Monday Ambassadors! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Some big news coming out of the past week:

    1. NOAA releases Inflation Reduction Act Spending Plan
    Last week NOAA announced $30 million in allocated funds to support sanctuary designations as a part of their IRA spend plan – the single largest investment in sanctuary designations in the 50-year history of the sanctuary program! These funds will support the designation process for new locally-led and Indigenous-led protected spaces.

    2. Sackett VS EPA Strips Wetlands Protections
    The Supreme Court has embraced the extreme demands of big polluters and has dramatically narrowed the scope of the Clean Water Act, undoing protections that have safeguarded our waters for over 50 years. This places our communities, public health, and local ecosystems in danger – especially those most vulnerable to pollution and intensifying climate disasters. Congress and state officials across the country need to act fast to protect water bodies that our nation relies on for drinking, fishing, and fueling local economies. To engage on this topic, reach out to Mel or Lance.

    3. Inland Ocean Network Summer Party
    Big thanks to those who attended the summer party on June 8, World Ocean Day! It was great to hear from our guest speaker and catch up with the network. The recording will be posted shortly to the resources tabs here in the portal.

    Enjoy your weeks!

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