Blue Vision Summit: Hill Day

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By Kaiya Whitehead A key component of the Blue Vision Summit in Washington D.C. is Hill Day where participants talk to their federal Senators and Representatives. The Inland Ocean Coalition showed up in force with a delegation of fourteen. The group consisted of Colorado residents as well as chapter leads and members from around the country and a resident of Canada. As an inland delegation, we began the day on the Senatorial side of the Capitol […]

Blue Vision Summit

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By Christine Evans Fourteen members of the Inland Ocean Coalition attended the Blue Vision Summit in Washington, DC, from May 8-11. The biennial Summit brings together ocean conservation leaders and advocates from around the world. The key areas of the action agenda for the 2017 Summit were: Putting an end to offshore drilling by 2030 Ridding the ocean of plastic and other forms of pollution Building coastal resiliency through smart ecosystem-based planning The Summit included […]

Healthy Oceans Coalition Advocacy Training

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Eight inland Ocean Coalition members just returned from an energetic, two-day Healthy Ocean (HOC) advocacy training in Chicago. The HOC is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to building awareness of how the National Ocean Policy (NOP) supports our nation’s ability to manage these shared resources. Our goal was to gain a deeper understanding of how our inland work relates to the NOP, and to acquire practical tools to become more effective at describing our work […]

Why the Inland Ocean Coalition and the Waterkeeper Alliance?

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The Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative, a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate, operates under the governance and guidance of two organizations, The Inland Ocean Coalition and the Waterkeeper Alliance. Why these two? The Inland Ocean Coalition is dedicated to the premise that you don’t need to be living in a coastal area to care for and protect our ocean. A great many–if not all–of the actions we need to be taking in support of the seas–such as lowering […]

Why Boulder Creek?

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Boulder Creek is not all that important. It is not even the largest or most significant watershed in the front range or in Colorado. So why are we creating a Waterkeeper organization for the creek? Because Boulder Creek has three powerful characteristics. First, it is a beautiful waterway that stretches from the glaciers on the 12,000 foot continental divide down through mountain canyons. From here it flows into an active, multiuse environment and then out to the […]

Boulder Creek has a Voice

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The Inland Ocean Coalition and the Waterkeeper Alliance have partnered to establish the Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative, a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate. This initiative will reflect and promote the ‘Source to Sea’ and ‘Swimmable, Drinkable, Fishable’ missions of its parent organizations. Established in 2016, the initiative will be a local, grassroots project dedicated to raising community awareness and promoting education through observing, patrolling and monitoring water quality issues in the Boulder Creek Watershed.

Biomass by sea and by land

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The ocean provides for us. It provides the air we breathe from photosynthesizing algae, the seafood we buy and sell, and the recreational tourism and educational opportunities which are boundless for business owners and educational networks. How much time do we spend thinking about, or informing others, about what the ocean gives us? Did you know the ocean may one day provide a sustainable form of renewable energy? There is incredible research being conducted and many results […]

A New Way to Save Coral Reefs

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Scientists believe that they found a way to help preserve coral reefs that are endangered by acidifying oceans. Their solution is simple: bubbles. They think that blowing bubbles on coral reefs will help with the chemicals in the ocean. Oxygen bubbling has been used in lakes to break up thermal stratification, but it has never been used on an ocean before. 

Colorado – The Inland Ocean (Youth Guest Blog)

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Local youth and river/ocean lover, Grace, recently interviewed the Colorado Ocean Coalition’s founder, Vicki Nichols Goldstein, to discuss her organization and the reasons why an inland community can affect the health of our oceans.  Colorado – The Inland Ocean By: Grace C. An ocean in Colorado? Well, we are all downstream. In Colorado, we have a special responsibility when it comes to protecting water quality. That’s because we’re a “headwater state,” which means that the snowfall in […]