Exploding Whales?

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In the small town of Trout River, Newfoundland, experts are trying to find a way to dispose of a dead beached blue whale. The whale weighs 380,000 pounds. If the gas builds up, the whale will explode. So far, the experts say that the gas is naturally deflating. However no one knows if the whale will blow. Read More 

Offshore Drilling is the Fracking of the Sea – Let’s be ready to Vote the Coast!

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Offshore Drilling is the Fracking of the Sea: Let’s be ready to Vote the Coast!   Super Tuesday is just a few days away. Join the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO) and the Sea Party Coalition to oppose offshore oil drilling. This election year is pivotal to the health of our ocean planet. Our next president can protect our ocean, or open up the east coast and the Arctic to offshore drilling. Check out Where the Candidates Stand on Offshore Oil and be ready to vote for clean renewable energy. Support candidates who […]

Bring Live Ocean Exploration to the Mountains!

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Sitting on a 211-foot ship just off the coast of California this summer, I went down to the studio, put on my headset, and with the help of a stellar production team in Rhode Island, starting talking to teachers at a summer development workshop in Colorado. As live ocean exploration and the power of videoconferencing united us, we discussed how engaging classrooms to science in another realm can have a lasting effect on their students. This past year I […]

Gift to the Planet

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It’s the last week before Christmas – one of many holidays celebrated by people on Earth this time of year. There’s also Hanukkah, Kwanza, and 11 other multicultural celebrations in the month of December alone. With these holidays, many traditions are observed and practiced between family, friends and communities. Today, I’d like to focus on a few parts of a well-known tradition of gift-giving, and wrapping said gifts. Who doesn’t love to open a gift? […]

The Shift is Easy

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The Shift Is Easy COCO asks this holiday season that you recognize your connection to and impact on the ocean’s watershed.  Please shift your buying habits and purchase products that have low impact on our local water quality.  An easy place to start is with kitchen and bathroom products that are effective, safe, and keep you and our watershed healthy.  Following is a short list of my personal favorites, but please note that COCO does […]

Three new COCO chapters!

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Three new COCO chapters! Great Lakes Ocean Coalition, Salt Lake Ocean Coalition, Prairie Ocean Coalition Support from our past 2014 Colorado Gives Day went to help establish and start new ocean chapters across the USA. As the first NOAA recognized inland ocean organization, we help inspire other states and communities to take action for their watersheds which all lead to an ocean.                       Read more […]

Success at the Blue Vision Summit in Washington, D.C.!

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Success at the Blue Vision Summit in Washington, D.C.! Our political leaders now recognize that sustainability impacts our economy, national security, and ecology. Read more about our successes here. If you like seeing COCO head to Washington D.C. every two years for the Blue Vision Summit, then consider giving a donation to our organization so we can continue to be the only inland voice for watershed and ocean issues in 2017. Read more about our […]

You’ve got plastic on your face…and mouth!

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Plastic…where?! Micro plastics or microbeads are non-biodegradable plastics that are used as exfoliant ingredients in items like toothpaste and soap. These plastics are too small to be filtered and end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. The toxic plastic is consumed by fish and retained. For more information click here. Illinois was the first state to ban micobeads and we are working with local legislators to close the loophole and eliminate micro plastic use […]