The Blue Ocean Summit

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Register/ Sign in to The Blue Ocean Business Summit and learn about what is damaging the ocean and how we can fix it! The Blue Ocean Business Summit is a free, virtual experience that streams online until June 19, 2015. The first few sessions include talks on solutions for the ocean, changing business models to become more sustainable, coral reefs and what exactly is affecting them, and how to provide outreach to those who aren’t […]

Happy World Oceans Month!

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We have seen so much improvement since the proposal of World Oceans Day in 1991 by the Government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The first World Oceans Day was declared by the United Nations in December 2008, to be the date of June 8th, and since then we have continued to celebrate the beauty of the oceans, and the innovative and inspiring ideas of our ocean leaders. Although, on May […]

Reef-Safe Sunscreen: The Craze for the Rays

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Reef-Safe Sunscreen: The Craze for the Rays   It is a known fact around the world that sunscreen is used to protect your skin from harsh UV rays that can cause skin cancer. There is an immense variety of sunscreens that you can choose from varying on activity level, SPFs, etc. However, how many sunscreens are out there that are environmentally friendly? What researchers have found is that the chemicals in sunscreen are having a […]

Letter To The Editor – Largest Ever Ocean Conservation Lobby Day

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Dear Editor,  Last week, an Inland Delegation of businesspeople, divers, one-time coastal residents and others who believe that every state is connected to the sea went to Washington, DC to attend aBlue Vision Summit and the largest ever ocean conservation lobby day.   Along with fellow citizens from 23 other states 20 Coloradans met with our congressional delegation to oppose new off-shore oil surveys and drilling.  A week later we’re seeing the beaches of Santa Barbara California fouled […]

Water and Sustainable Development #SilentOilSpills

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          Dear Partners and COCO Supporters, This past Sunday we celebrated World Water Day by taking action against #SilentOilSpills. Call To Action It’s perfect that this year’s theme is  ‘Water and Sustainable Development‘. The theme is about how water links to all sustainable development areas that we need to consider in order to create the future we want.  For example, the Silent Oil Spills campaign is raising awareness about the impacts of petroleum motor oil, […]

“Take the DYPP” With COCO This Winter!

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February has been a busy month for COCO and the Ocean Ambassadors between working on OA projects and setting up for some fun events! Film Festival Flix – “North of the Sun” Screening On February 18th, there was a live screening in Denver of this film, where our Ocean Ambassador Kelsey Bartling participated in a live discussion following the screening.  You can still watch ‘North of the Sun’ when you purchase an all event pass for the Online […]

Food, Water, and Air

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Food – Water – Air These three things are the most basic and fundamental needs for human survival. And these three things begin with the ocean. Think it’s an exaggeration? The sea water covering two-thirds of our planet provides our food, water, and air—no matter where we live. And we could not survive without it. The dynamic ecosystems and health of the ocean cannot survive without our help, either. Humans have proven a powerful enough force to […]

Ocean Ambassador aims to “Make Waves” with Jewelry

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The Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO)  is fortunate to have many talented and creative Ocean Ambassadors (OA) working on OA projects that support and generate awareness for COCO. One of these Ambassadors is the feature of this week’s blog, Jesse Berggren. Jesse works at Swoon Jewelry Studios, where she makes jewelry. For her OA project, she is creating beautiful pieces that will benefit COCO. The goal of the Make Waves Collection is to fundraise for COCO by selling […]

Drive to Reduce CO2

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Drive to Reduce CO2 A major threat to the ocean is burning fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide (CO2) – driving your car or truck is a key contributor. This CO2 is absorbed into the ocean causing acidification that changes water chemistry and life. Reducing your carbon footprint can be as simple as using less plastic, or eating less meat and grains.  Fortunately, bigger changes, such as switching to zero-carbon energy for your car and […]