Marine Networks- from Colorado to Fiji

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By Vicki Nichols Goldstein, Colorado Ocean Coalition Founder When Richard Akhtar from the Matava Eco Resort  on Kundava Island in Fiji donated a week diving trip to the 2012 Making WAVES Gala, I never thought my husband, Bruce, a CU Professor, would be the winning bidder.  This kick-started a collaborative research project with an eye towards learning about Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) by developing partnerships with conservationists and researchers in the South Pacific. The LMMA […]

There’s Waves in Them Hills! Making Waves in Colorado

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I stood dripping wet, surfboard under arm, barefoot on rocks. I had never seen so much water coming at me so fast. I have spent my life in the ocean, but this was crazy. The Snake River was running full throttle and the Lunch Counter rapid, so named because that’s where boaters eat it, looked angry. I studied the standing wave. How strange to ride a wave that doesn’t move! There were some local guys […]

Making Waves: An inland ocean movement is growing in Colorado

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Our oceans are in trouble, and everyone can help them recover. We are all connected to the oceans, from the oxygen we breathe to the water we drink. That’s what I keep reminding myself since moving to Denver after graduate studies in Rhode Island (the “Ocean State”) and my childhood along the California coast. Even in landlocked states like Colorado, choices we make every day can help marine life – particularly in terms of sustainable […]

Introducing the Colorado Ocean Coaltion

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The Colorado Ocean Coalition…what? That doesn’t make sense. Did the Colorado River become the sixth ocean? Don’t worry you haven’t missed anything, the Colorado River is still a river. And while hearing the name Colorado Ocean Coalition for the first time might throw you for loop, the reality is an inland based ocean organization makes perfect sense. Living along the coast isn’t a requirement for caring about our oceans. In fact, it doesn’t matter where […]

Sustainable Seafood: Fish for the Future by COCO

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Sustainable Seafood: Fish for the Future The Ocean serves many purposes. It regulates our climate, provides us with recreational opportunities, is the major source of the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat. However, our oceans are in serious trouble.   The global catch of wild fish leveled out 15 years ago and since then 85 percent of the world’s fisheries are either declining or being harvested at capacity. Demand for fish is also […]